About The Fabric

About The Fabric

  • Biodegrades in 3-5 years (within landfills)
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified 
  • 50+ UV Protection 
  • Extremely Soft, Super Stretchy, & Durable
  • Double-Lined or Triple-Lined (depending on color)

Our fabric is called Amni Soul Eco and is made of a polyamide yarn (polyamide + spandex)  enhanced to biodegrade, decomposing 50% in its first year at the landfill and completely gone within 3-5 years. These landfills must be well controlled with an anaerobic focus - meaning high humidity, an absence of oxygen, and high concentrations of anaerobic bacteria. If the fabric is disposed of incorrectly (not at a landfill), it will take longer to deteriorate. 

*This material will not prematurely biodegrade and will not create unwanted growth of bacteria. It must be under those ideal landfill conditions above to do anything like that, and if you are in an area with an absence of oxygen - we have a problem. The ink for the colors are non-toxic as well, making them eco-friendly. 


Amni Soul Eco is also certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, meaning it has been tested and approved 100% safe for your skin and the environment. Along with 50+ UPF, giving you at least 98% protection from both UVA and UVB rays.


When the fabric is created, our manufacturing center uses a closed cycle process, meaning that the plant itself practices sustainable efforts. All fabric/clothing factories use water to create the items. Many non-sustainable plants will use tons (literally) of water during the creating, manufacturing, and dying process; then end up dumping that water (with toxic chemicals) into nearby bodies of water. 🚫

Our plant reuses all water that is involved during each process. Since the fibers used are 100% certified safe and any/all dyes we use are nontoxic, there are no toxic chemicals within the water. This allows for an easier process to clean the water to be used again. Greenhouse gases are naturally produced with all manufacturing, however, our plant reduces our emissions and energy usage by containing these gases and pretreating them prior to release. 


Not only is it great for the environment and your skin, it’s incredibly soft, super stretchy, and durable. Warning - you may forget you’re wearing anything at all. 

Since this fabric is lightweight, we double-line all of our colors and prints, and triple-line all of our white swimwear. This is to prevent any possibility of seeing through the suit and to give you a more secure feel.  



If you have any questions or concerns about the fabric, please reach out to us!

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