How It’s Made - Suits

How It’s Made - Suits

We're sure most people have some understanding on how clothing is made, but have you thought about all of the small details that go into every piece? The cut of the fabric, the style, the coverage, if there’s straps, clasps, hooks, or ties. Do the straps need to be a certain thickness, or do we want a scrunch butt for added design. Small things, but very important details. 

Our manufacturer relies on these details to make our first sample as close as possible to the exact design we want. The more detail, the less guess work, and the faster we can all get the next suit made. Once we have each sketch, they are sent to our manufacturer to analyze, go over any questions, and then start the sample process. 


We then receive the samples, try them on and decide if any adjustments need to be made. Including size, fit, details, and adjustments. If so, we tweak them with the manufacturer and get another round of samples. This process continues until the suits are perfect. 👌


Then the fun beings, picking out colors and prints. Since we want all of you to have the option to mix & match, picking colors and prints can be tricky work. Solid colors are easy since you can pair almost anything. However, with our specialty fabric, some colors go in and out of stock with each season or year. This doesn’t mean those colors will never return (unless we specifically say “NEVER RETURNING”), but it does make it harder to keep certain items in stock. 

Now with prints, we want all of the colors within the print to match any solids we launch with it. This is where color matching comes in. Color matching allows us to adjust the print colors to match the solids. Our solids are our base since these are the colors on hand. Prints are actually printed onto white fabric with eco-friendly ink, allowing us to do almost anything. Once the prints and solid colors are approved, we’re ready for bulk manufacturing! 


Since we want to create suits for all of you to love, we need your help. We’ll be doing a series of polls, Q&A’s, quizzes, and questions on IG before each preparation for the next launch. By participating in these, you will not only be helping me decide the next designs and colors but also helping yourself and others get the suits you want most. If you have specific suits in mind, screenshot them and send them over. Just because it’s already made, doesn’t mean we can’t make it too; while also making it better ♻️

So, start thinking. What do you want to see next? 

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