Style Guide

Style Guide

 Here's a quick guide to find your perfect suits! 




Cheeky: Small amount of coverage, but more than thong. Typically mid, high rise, or high hip. 

Moderate: About half booty coverage. Right in between cheeky and full. Most common bikini. 

Full: The most coverage. Barely shows any booty. 

High-Hip: Can vary in coverage but gives the appearance of elongating your torso. Cut comes above or near the hip bone.

High-Waisted: Coverage can vary but height comes up to hips giving more belly coverage. 



Minimal: the least amount of support. Now your suit won’t just fall off, but you should try to avoid high activity that may cause a nip slip. These tops are typically strapless, adjustable triangle (you know, the classic bikini top), or anything with very little material to keep you covered. 

Moderate: more support than a strapless, but not something you’d wear for a triathlon. These usually have more secure hooks, straps, or ties to make sure your suit won’t be going anywhere while still showing a little more skin. 

Sport: the most supportive. This is a top you can throw on and start running. Like a sports bra that’s meant to get wet. Typically more coverage to help hold the boobs in and more secure straps to avoid movement.



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