What To Do With Old Swimwear

What To Do With Old Swimwear

We're guessing we all don’t need 40+ suits (unless you own a swimsuit business 😅), and would like to get rid of some that may be worn out, don’t fit, or are just out of style. But guess what, most swimsuits are not that simple to get rid of. Typical suits can’t be recycled and could take decades to biodegrade. So, what are we supposed to do with them? 


Don't throw them away. There’s actually this AMAZING nonprofit that recycles damaged suits and donates gently used ones to women in lower income countries. That’s right, reuse and recycle! 

Not only do they take your unwanted swimsuits, they also take bras and lingerie. Here’s the link http://donateswimsuits.com/

All you do is gather your suits, decide if you want them to be donated or recycled (pick one when shipping), and ship them to this location 


 c/o Goodyear            

10746 Fenton Dr.

Parker, AZ 85344               

And hey, if you don’t have a box, you can always use your compostable mailer from us. It was made to be shipped twice! 


If you need to get rid of one of our suits, you can donate like above or toss it out. Remember these suits are MADE to biodegrade in landfills and won't take decades. We just suggest removing all hardware to be recycled before thorwing out your suit!

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