Care Instructions

Do not place in the washing machine. Hand wash with cold water and like colors. Use a gentle detergent. Do not twist or scrunch. Rinse after each use, even if you did not go in water; this helps clean off any sunscreens or oils.  Bold/darker colors may bleed after first wash; to avoid bleeding on other items, wash separately. Rinsing/washing your suits preserves the material and helps the colors last longer! 

Do not place in the dryer. Hang or lay flat to dry in shade. Do not wring or scrunch; pat dry with a flat towel if needed. Do not place wet suits with other clothing, or items that can pick up color bleed. Do not store wet. 

This fabric is very delicate and must be taken care of properly. Avoid high levels of chlorine or other harsh chemicals (mostly public pools and hot tubs). Avoid rough surfaces. Careful wearing wet suits with other fabrics, the suit or other item could bleed on each other and damage either item. We recommend putting sunscreen and oils on before wearing your suit; some sunscreens and oils can stain the delicate fabric if placed directly on the suit. Kolé Swim will not be responsible for improper care.