Meet Nicole


Hey! I’m Nicole, the owner and creator of Kolé Swim. I decided to create this company on the idea of making this planet a little cleaner and better for our future. I was shocked to have learned how much waste is actually produced daily, and how much of that waste is dumped into our oceans. 

I’ve always LOVED the beach, hands down my favorite place to be. So, to see this trash ruining it, made me think “why not start something that can not only make people happy, but also help the environment.” Many companies create great products, but these products are made of new plastic and then packaged in more plastic. There has to be a different way of doing things. 

Now, it's not like I just picked up a pencil one day, said I want to build a swimwear brand, and drew out designs. I’ve had experience in business over the past few years and I’ve been drawing all sorts of fashion designs since I was 15 years old. I've also had to brush up on my sewing skills since changing to a completely handmade business! It just happened to be two passions of mine colliding for me to think, “this is what I want to do.” I’ve been researching, communicating, and forming this entire brand to bring you exactly what I want Kolé to be; a sustainable company that helps spread awareness about the impact we have on the planet, while giving women the confidence to feel beautiful in the suits they wear.