Waste-Free Strategy

Picture this. Around 8 million metric tons of plastic enters our oceans every year, on top of the 150 metric tons that’s already there. I know, how can we even understand what this number compares to? The truth is we can’t, and the easiest explanation I’ve seen is this -

Every minute, of every day, there is a garbage truck full of plastic being dumped into the ocean. 

Think about that. Picture the size of a dump truck - now 1,440 trucks per day or 525,600 trucks per year of garbage filling our oceans.

This plastic not only circulates in the ocean, but is also eaten by wildlife, entangles wildlife, and washes up on our beaches. All of this plastic comes from us

Many companies use plastic since it's cheap and easy to create. This includes your clothing; which can be made of traditional polyester, nylon, acrylic and polyamide. These types of clothing can take decades to biodegrade in landfills or may never deteriorate. Plastic is also the most used material for shipping and marketing in all industries.

Here’s how we’re changing that.

  • Kolé suits are made with a newly created and unique fabric that is earth-friendly, extremely soft, and super stretchy. This fabric is called Amni Soul Eco®, and has been structured to biodegrade in 3-5 years under anaerobic landfill conditions - meaning high humidity, an absence of oxygen, and high concentrations of anaerobic bacteria. So when it's time to get rid of your suit, toss it out and let nature do it's thing. 
    • Almost all "regular" suits are made with traditional plastic that can take decades to biodegrade. Even other eco-friendly brands use recycled plastic to create their suits, but this will also take decades to biodegrade once thrown out. Yes, it’s getting more use; however, the material itself has not changed just the form of it. 


    • All printed fabrics are made with eco-friendly ink to prevent harming the environment (coming soon!).
    • All hardware (hooks, rings, and sliders) is made with recyclable metal; however, more styles without hardware are in the works.
    • No tags. All of the labels are heat pressed onto the suits to help reduce waste. Most tags are plastic or have a plastic coating and are usually attached with a plastic connector
    • No pads. Before you worry about it getting a bit nippily out there, all suits are double or triple lined and liners have been built into the bikini tops so you can still add pads if you prefer. We recommend using pads from previous suits or sports bras to help reuse and reduce waste.
      • Pads are made of foam which is not biodegradable. 
    • Compostable Liners. All bikini bottoms and one pieces come with compostable liners. Once you have tried on your suit (with underwear on) and are happy with your purchase, you may remove the liner and add it to the compost pile (more info below).

      • Compostable Mailers, Shipping Labels, and Packing Slips. If you don’t notice the large text on the bag itself, the mailers are not only compostable but they can also be reused for one more shipment! Save it for other shipments you have or returns. All shipping and packing slips are also compostable, so no need to worry about peeling it off.
      • Recyclable tissue paper and info cards. 
        • Typical tissue paper is not recyclable, but we found a special company that has created it out of recycled paper and can be recycled again, or will biodegrade if accidentally thrown in the trash. Win win! Info cards are a matte paper made to be recycled. 

        • Our manufacturer is all about sustainability. They practice this with the reuse of water and reduction of greenhouse gases during the creation process. Most factories have one-time use water causing gallons to be wasted; along with the emission of tons of greenhouse gases. Our facilities created a system that allows water to be used during production, cleaned, and then used again without affecting the fabric. They also pre-treat all greenhouse gases to help protect our ozone layer. 
        • Here, we practice sustainability by only accepting electronic receipts, recycling as much as possible, ordering smaller quantities to prevent wasting resources, and reducing our carbon footprint by making fewer trips to the post office. All of our marketing is also online, which is why we need your help to spread the word! Please tag us on IG, FB, or TikTok  @koleswim
        • We support an organization called 4Ocean by funding the removal of waste from oceans, rivers, and coastlines. For every piece purchased from us, $1 is used to fund this program. 1 pound of waste is removed for every $10 purchased. 4Ocean is an organization that focuses on the removal of waste from these locations using specialized technology, they then take this waste and recycle it or create it into sustainable products that can be purchased to start the process again. You can donate yourself or find out more info at 4Ocean.com.   
        • We also offer the option to reduce our carbon footprint (you and us). During checkout, you will have the option to add a few cents to your order, this donation is then sent to organizations that help reforestation, renewable energy, and other carbon reduction projects across the world.

          • Okay, we've mentioned composting for a few items now. Composting is a way to speed up the biodegrading process naturally. You can compost at home or bring your donation to community composting sites. 
          • What if you can’t compost at home? Find a community compost site to bring your donation. If you’re not sure of any in your area, check out these helpful sites that list locations by area or you can sign up to link with a person that can compost for you.
          • If you absolutely cannot compost, you can throw these items in the garbage. They will biodegrade faster than plastic, but not as fast as composting them. 

            If you have any questions or recommendations, contact us!